UFO sighting in Area 51, using Google Earth map, see photos.

I found these three UFOs when looking at Google Earth Map and decided to show the world the truth. I also made a video that is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJpKBKHGSr4

Please look for these UFOs and confirm their sighting by leaving a comment below the video on youtube. Thanks,

Scott C. Waring

Area 51:

This is published in both my novels Dragons of Asgard & UFO sightings of 2006-2009. First UFO Sighting: Steps to follow for finding 108-diameter saucer:

Download Google Earth.
Type “Area 51,” in the search box.
Zoom out until you see two more dry lakebeds on the left of Area 51.
Zoom in on the third lakebed with your mouse. Now you are very close.
Zoom in at the Southern most tip of the lakebed.
You should see a short runway with a dirt circle on one end.
Zoom in on the circle where you will see planes and hangers.
Zoom in on the largest gray hanger. It’s five times larger than others.
Half under one hanger you will clearly see a UFO of 108 feet in diameter. Use Google ruler to take some measurements of its size, height from ground and so on.
Coordinates are: 36,55’35.72” N 116,00’25.33” W
Google photo date placed for this location is Dec. 2, 2006.

Second UFO Sighting: Steps to follow for finding the 42-foot in diameter saucer while in flight:

Start at the 108 UFO at the South side of the same lake as above.
Zoom out so that you can see more of the map above you.
Find the purple place dot above marked, “Nevada Test Site.”
Move to the purple dot.
Zoom in a bit until you see a second purple dot called, “Sedan (Nuclear Test).”
Move to that dot. Then look above it on the map.
Look for the yellow dot marked, “US Nuke: Orkney.”
Zoom in on this spot, because 400 feet to the left is the saucer.
Saucer is dull gray. Size is about 42 feet in diameter using Google Ruler. Note that its shadow below is separate from the UFO, meaning its in flight and you can measure its height from the ground with the Google Ruler.
Coordinates are: 37,11’55.01” N 116,03’19.93” W
Google photo date placed this location is Dec. 2, 2006.

Third UFO Sighting: Steps to follow for finding the “V-shaped” 64.66-foot total wingspan in flight craft:

Start at the Area 51 icon at the base or type AREA 51 into the Google search box again and it will take you back there fast.
Use Google ruler and go 3.14 kilometers or 1.95 miles Southwest of Area 51. Here you will see many small mountain peeks.
Upon one mountain peek is a flying V-shaped craft, which leaves a diamond shaped shadow on the ground directly below it.
Its coordinates on Google Earth are 37°13’02.94”N and 115°50’49.35”W
View this on a digital monitor, while looking through a digital camera for a more detailed view. Also rotate the Google map from North to South using the compass to view the UFO craft properly, so you don’t view it upside down, because of the satellite angle.
Google photo date recorded this location on Nov. 14, 2006.
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