UFO sighting in Orange, California May 16, 2010.

Event Date: 2010-05-16
Event Location: Orange, California, US

Event Description: "I was driving home northbound on the 55 freeway in the city of Orange, CA around 2 am.

As i passed the Collins overpass and before the Katella overpass, i noticed what looked like a satellite traveling west across the sky very slowely. I literally said "huh, a UFO! lol" and chuckled a bit as it crossed the sky slowely. A few seconds later it stopped then started slowely traveling east towards the hills of Orange/ Irvine. Suddenly, it stopped and took off like a shooting star, north (towards the Cajon Mountains) and faded away. A second after that, it came back bright blue, like really bright blue. as it reappeared, it seemed to be traveling towards me (south)slowely then started to travel east. As i passed the Collins overpass and started to exit onto Ketalla, the light had already traveled to my right hand/ passenger side. As it continued to move slowely i lost it over the freeway fence (becasue of the height of the fence). The last sight i saw was a bright blue light shaped like a fat bone traveling east over the fence.I exited off to ketalla and made my first right onto a residential street, but lost the light. Luckily i just so happend to have my camera next to me becasue i had taken it with me to the Angels/ Athletics game. I managed to snap two pictures but only one came out. I dont consider myself a skeptic, but seeing this object, which i strongly felt was a UFO, I stongly feel that UFOs exist. Seeing is believing. I have attached a photo of the object but it must be enhanced to truely see its form. The light is located in the left mid corner.Be sure to zoom in on the object to see what i saw that morning."


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