UFO sighting, landing in Turkey, May 25, 2010.

UFO sighting, landing in Turkey seen by many witnesses, video

A remarkable UFO event took place in Turkey last Monday 25 May at around 7.30pm. An incredibly bright UFO was seen by numerous residents of the town of Ardahan, which lies on Turkey's border with the neighbouring Republic of Georgia.

The UFO appeared in the distance just above a small mountain range and was then seen landing in the mountains. The event was accompanied by large explosions and vibrations felt on the ground.

Raising suspicions was the fact that military aircraft had been seen overhead that day in the vicinity. One witness managed to capture the event on film (below). The event was widely reported in the Turkish media.

Townsfolk were left debating as to whether they just witnessed a meteor or an other-worldly spaceship.

Turkey is a UFO hot-spot and recently an old UFO account was unearthed in national archives dating back to 1839. In this instance a disc shaped craft was seen moving across the skies. Many took this as a sign from God that the Ottoman Empire would soon fall.

See video at: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999374.php

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