UFO sighting, Norway like spiralling Lights seen in Western Canada.

UFO sighting, Norway like spiralling Lights seen in Western Canada.

The strange light which intensified as it got closer to the camera, and then suddenly flashed off with a beam of light, leaving behind spirals.

The spiraling lights looked like the one seen in the Norway spiraling light incident which was firstly thought to be a UFO, but later dismissed as a Russian missile test which went wrong.
However many people have already declared the lights a hoax after two of the videos looked very suspicious and inconsistent with each other.

Some have even said that the spiraling lights may have been a US missile which is being kept secret, but again many experts are dismissing this theory.

However much the spiraling lights look very attractive to see, it sure is very good material to produce conspiracy theories by websites and forums.

The videos which were released by the website, theweatherspace.com have been a hit on YouTube.com with many people calling it a UFO due to the way it moves down towards the ground, stops and then suddenly shoots off.

In one of the videos which was taken by an airplane the light appears to look more like a meteorite but soon halts and flashes off to another direction with a loud noise.

Source: http://www.nationalturk.com/en/ufo-norway-like-spiralling-lights-seen-in-western-canada-43646426

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