China to build UFO and alien embassy, UFO sighting news.

China to build UFO and alien embassy, UFO sighting news.

Plans by the Chinese government to build a UFO and alien embassy in the Kunlun Mountains near the Tibetan region have recently been leaked.
The Chinese Government has been increasingly absorbed with the question as to why over the last ten years sightings of alien origin UFOs have become so frequent.
The conclusion that has been reached is that a new golden age for China is being ushered in that parallels a golden age that occurred over 3000 years ago. At that time UFO and alien encounters were also extremely common. In that era it is believed that the 'Three Wise Kings' collaborated with aliens to create human beings in laboratories in the Kunlun Mountains. It has been confirmed by the Chinese government that ancient UFO bases still lie deep in this mountain range.
As a response to this the Chinese government has decided to create an alien and UFO embassy in the historic Kunlun Mountains as a way of integrating into a new galactic reality.
The image above is believed to depict the future embassy. It is rumored that Chinese officials are even secretly liaising with researchers such as U.S ET contact expert, Dr. Steven Greer, and the Raelian movement on the project.
The embassy will have both UFO landing pads as well as a cultural centre for the sake of sharing knowledge and promoting universal harmony.

Source: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999371.php

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