UFO sighting over Los Angeles May 29 2010.

UFOs in the sky! That’s what happened yesterday in Los Angeles. People were able to see this strange light hovering in the sky and they even got the chance to film it. In the video we can see the “ring of light” dancing everywhere in the sky and is definitely not a plane or other known flying machine.

Sightings of this type over LA have been reported before in different places in Los Angeles.
If you know something about the UFO phenomenon you may know that it is very strange to see these types of ring-shaped UFO lights in the sky. Most of the time in an UFO sighting, you see a light like a star, only bigger, doing the same dance above.
Nobody know what this light is, and probably we won’t know in a very long time!

Source: http://toppayingideas.com/blog/2010/05/30/ring-shaped-ufo-over-los-angeles-video/

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