China opens first inter-galactic UFO trade route, UFO sighting.

China opens first inter-galactic UFO trade route, UFO sighting.

Sources close to the Chinese government departments involved in both interacting with at least three separate aliens races and covering up their presence on earth have revealed to this publication that the world's first official trade agreement with ETs has been formalised.

The agreement has been made with a race of ETs coming from the the vicinity of the star Sirius. These aliens are known for the pyramid shaped UFO they use for intergalactic travel. These craft use energy systems as of yet not understood by humans and are filled with a liquid substance which these aliens need to exist and mimic conditions on their home planet.
These aquatic beings are believed to have a humanoid appearance and large cat-like eyes. This race, like all other known ET races in the Milky Way has its origins in Andromeda Galaxy, however colonised the region near Sirius around thirty thousand years ago. These aliens have discretely interacted with humanity for thousands of years.
The agreement opens up a UFO trade route. Human fabrics as well as plant-life are being exported as mere curiosities. In return the Sirians have promised China access to their advanced technology.

China's senior political leadership are said to be thrilled about the agreement and see it as a historic landmark event . Such an agreement is said to already exist between a number of alien races and the US, however the officially designated UFO route between Beijing and the Sirian's home planet is a world first.

Source: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999376.php

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