Governments spread lies, calling a UFO sighting in austrailia a failed rocket.

They failed to mention the TWO RED AND GREEN UFOS in the photo I enlarged.

How many times have we heard some government scientist say it was a weather balloon, Venus, or the latest is failed rockets? If that's the best excuse they can come up with then they should stop going to the elementary school playground to hire their gov yes men groupies.

They said the same about the swirling UFO over Norway in December of 2009 on the same day president Obama was in Norway to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet we ufologists knew the UFO came to congradulate him on his win. Note: You remember the UFO sighting recorded by CNN on President Obama's swearing into office? If you missed it, go to YouTube and type, "CNN, UFO, Obama." you will find it fast. Aliens are very curious about him.

Oh, and I loved it when a 300 meter UFO flew over Texas and the US government said it was Venus, yeah that scientist that day didn't even try hard to make a good excuse. Even elementary students are better at making up excuses than the US Government.

This is the true story, please keep the above thoughts in mind when you hear the government lies that I heard today...failed rocket my #%$!!!
Scores of people from across the country have been stunned to see what appears to be an unidentified flying object flying across the sky.

In the photo below note the re and green UFO orbs at the lower right, as well as the huge moon like UFO on the left.

ninemsn readers from South Australia, NSW, Queenland and Victoria have sent in photos of a mysterious object that spiralled across the night sky at around 5:45am this morning.

It was described as a swirling light that moved from east to west across the sky for several minutes just before sunrise.

Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/glance/1064452/spiralling-ufo-over-australia

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