UFO fleet of probs caught in Italy, photos, video.

Fast Moving UFO Squadron Over Italy

Here is some increditble footage from Italy.similar to the japan footage last month. In it you will see several fast moving objects darting along from clear skies then into the cloud cover.

This person that submitted the footage to Mufon was at the right place at the right time. It is hard to estimate the speeds of the objects, but it is clear they move along at a clip much faster than a bird, ruling out that debunk. Well I will leave this one up to you the reader. The video is clear and not bouncing all over the place like some submissions. Plain and simple, this one is a gem.
Quote from the Mufon report.

I was in my room at computer reading mails, for a pure case i looked out of the window and saw these strange spheres floating in the sky...

At first sight i was thinking they were birds, but soon i discovered that the shapes was too circular for to be birds.

The objects moving from west to est just over my head with an angle of 70° north. They went into a cloud and disappeared.Because was not possible to see the end of the cloud from my window, i was run to a balcony for to film the coming out, but them are not comes out...as disappeared in the cloud.

I took some photos after few seconds as proof of what I'm saying?

Two minute later two planes passed in the sky from north to south and another one from south to north. This latest one disappeared in the cloud and never come out as well.

I was wait about 10 minutes but everything in the sky is finished.
No particular sounds, wind or birds in the sky.

I send you also the photo of the plane disappeared and a photo taken few minutes after the orbs are disappeared behind the cloud.

Video at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=h03LzogQUR0

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