Witness reports triangle UFO over Camp Mabry, Texas, has one blinking light, UFO sighting.

TX, June 26, 2010 - Very small. But distinct triangle shape. MUFON Case # 23994.

I wish to remain anonymous.
Last night at 330AM on the way home from work, driving route 1 ( mopac ) northbound to HWY183, I spotted a trinagle UFO above Camp Mabry.
I first noticed a bright stationary light as I entered the highway ( mopac route 1 ), skepticaly I dismissed as airplane. It did not seem to move though and remained stationary.

As I approached the camp mabry area off of route 1, I began to pass under the object. I slowed down to 40 mph and stuck my head out the window.

The object appeared to be hovering still at commercial jet heighth. I took 3 looks, each time squinting my eyes and taking double checks.

It was roughly the size of a 10 cent dime if you eld it over your head arms stretched out.
3 lights on each corner.
It was dark grey.

Very small. But distinct triangle shape.

2 of the lights at base remained lit, bright white circles. The rear ??? light, or top light, blinked as an airplanes would.

What struck me odd about this was the brightness of object. I am hoping more poeple witnessed this event in Austin above Camp Mabry.

Until then I wish to remain anonymous.

Due to the fact that this is my second sighting and I dont think posting about it online without pictures will do any good in the long run.

My first sighting was almost 1 yr ago to date. While riding in a neighbor hood street behind camp mabry on the other side of route 1 mopac. About 35th street and Exposition Blvd.

I immdeiatly dismissed this sighting because it happened so quick. The first sighting was so low to the ground I didnt believe my eyes. A solid grey triangle that almost blended into the clouds passed over the base at a quick rate of speed ( 100mph?) silently. I saw it for 3 seconds. Then it disapeared into the overcast sky's. I did not want to believe what I saw. And nobody else was reporting these sightings, so naturally i thought my imagination got the best of me.

Last night, Saturday morning 33o am the 26th of June, was not overcast, it was a full moon, the skys did have some clouds from the weather south of Austin. But the sky was clear when I saw this nights sighting.

I do not know what this email will achieve unless you receive simular reports from this night. It was at 330AM. I do not drink. I work at a bar. I am sober. 5 yrs plus. Most poeple at that hour are drunk. Austin night life.
Someone in Aviation had to see that thing. There is Spicewood Airfeild to the north west. Bergstrom airport to the south east.

The thing that struck me the most was the distinct triangle shape.
There was no light in the center.
Just 3 white lights. 2 lit. 1 blinking.

I wish to remain

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