ALIENS repeatedly abducted Mario as a young child, UFO sighting.

ALIENS repeatedly abducted Mario as a young child, he has claimed to Ife.

The confession took place as the pair snuggled under the covers in bed.

Mario told the dancer that he experienced strange episodes as a child.

And he is convinced that it was because he was abducted by beings from outer space.

During the conversation, the 28-year-old said that on more than one occasion, he woke up blinded by bright lights and was unable to move.

He added that it felt like there were beings stood around him.
A stunned Ife asked Mario whether it could have been a dream.

But he said that he had been too "awake" to be asleep.
He then told her that he found circular burns on his hands after an "experience".

Ife asked her mate whether he was being serious.
Mario replied and said that he was deadly serious, and described his encounters again.
Mario's wacky confession sounds out of this world...


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