UFO sighting in Havana, Cuba see photos.

This is a translation of the Spanish Report:
Subject: Watching three points of light in the sky (Havana Cuba)
Date: 2005-05-08

We were on vacation in Havana, Cuba when we photographed for the memory, in that photograph the sky just for the camera to capture a building with an antenna in the background, several shots were consistent (Submit a photo before and after the sighting. Was until later that I saw in the photo DSC03246 partesuperior that the right are three lights and believe it is a case to investigate.

Send these photos to you who are dedicated to this and hope to help them in their investigations. Now they ask for if the sighting was in 2005 and now hasya I send the pictures, it turns out that the reason is I was watching a show on the Discovery chanel of your Institution (MUFON) in charge of this investigation and Quico share this event.

Well all, I hope this information will be beneficial. Any additional information you need with great pleasure I can help, I leave my email: abraham_salas_reyes@hotmail.com
Abraham Salas




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