Blue Sphere UFO sighting at Clarkston, Michigan, US 7-18-2010.

Event Date: 2010-07-18
Event Location: Clarkston, Michigan, US

Event Description: "After heading back from a concert at DTE in Clarkston, MI, my wife and I pulled into our apartment complex. I had observed very similar events only 3 1/2 weeks ago, so my eyes were focused just above the horizon. Immediately after entering the complex I noticed the lights and said "that's it!" referring to the lights that I told her about nearly a month ago, but she hadn't seen them.

A month ago there were two blue spheres that slowly rose, then quickly dropped below the tree line in a matter of a few seconds, of which a plane and a helicopter are not capable. This time, there was just one bright blue sphere, or so it appeared at first. The sphere was more or less hovering in one spot, then it suddenly moved left to right, then up and down. At this point it was very clear that this was not any sort of technology with which my wife or I was familiar. The object dropped below the tree line, so I pulled forward to see if I could get a better glimpse of it. It rose out of the tree line again and at this point I asked my wife to snap some pictures of it since she had her camera for the concert. She took about 6 or so, but only 1 really turned out. After realizing that pictures were not turning out great we decided to just watch the object. It was in the air moving back and forth, up and down and forward and back with incredible ease as if it were doing a dance. We had thought it was just one sphere, but after closer observation, it was clear that there were at least 3 spheres following each other or rotating around the craft. It was too high up and too large to be a remote controlled toy and it was too agile to be a plane or helicopter or any other vehicle I know. Also, Oakland county is a heavily populated county, so it would be unlikely that any government testing would be going on in this area. There are multiple airports in the area, but the lights were a bright blue and the craft had incredible abilities, so a plane can be ruled out with certainty. Eventually, the lights went below the horizon for a couple of minutes and my wife and I decided to head inside and look at the pictures.

Attached is the one picture that turned out well. If you zoom in quite a bit it can be seen that there are multiple lights attached to what appears to be a grayish triangular craft. Since it has to be zoomed in quite a bit it is difficult to decipher. I'll also throw in another that isn't as easily deciphered. There also can be seen a smaller blue light and red light that are very bright. Not sure what they are. Sphere was a lot larger and close than it appears in the pictures."

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