Redding, California UFO sighting

Event Date: 2010-07-08
Event Location: Redding, California, US

Event Description: "On July 8th 2010, as I was walking my dog at a nearby park, I noticed the sunbeam coming above a cumulus cloud.

It was an unusual sight, so I quickly took a picture. Then I decided to do a video of it. I did not notice any ufos during the video capture. The following day when I checked my video footage, I couldn't believe what I saw. There was , Not One, but Four UFOs. I am not sure exactly what I have here. AT first I thought, maybe they're just insects. But they are way up there near the clouds. Perhaps someone with experience in this matter can confirm if its real anomolies or Not.

1. At a park,walking my dog.
2. I did not notice the objects until reviewing of footage the following day.
3. Insects flying.
4. Three of the objects flew linear while the other, haphazardly.
5. My feelings excitement but was in astonishment and disbelief. I wanted to share it right away, via Flickr and YouTube. I wanted to see if someone can confirm it real or not.But when I uploaded it, the video playback quality was poor.
6. I did not noticed them during the video capture."


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