Montana UFO sighting photo reveals cool craft 8-3-2010.

Date of UFO Sighting: 2010-08-03
Location: Montana, US

Hi, I have still been randomly taking pics, all hours of the day. This is one pointing at the lady of the rockies here in butte, Montana, so I DID NOT SEE IT WHEN I SHOT THIS PICS! I will not be sending anything much anymore (unless it is fantastic), because I have come to the conclusion that they are everywhere.

Approximately about 1 in every 6 snapshots have an anomoly in them. You can not see these with the naked eye, so I'm thinking that these things becomed uncloaked through the process of filming. It is hard to wrap your mind around about some of these anomolies that are in the air day or night. I know in my 55 year old heart, something BIG is going to happen.

Photos below:




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