UFO covered up by NASA on Sun photo, 7-30-2010 or UFO sighting.

UFO covered up by NASA on Sun photo, 7-30-2010.

Time: 7-30-2010

Place: surface of the sun

We have all heard about the earth and moon size UFOs that have been photographed flying in and out of the flames of the sun as if it were a fish in water. If you have not, then take a visit to youtube and type “Sun, UFOs,” and you will be in for a surprise.

The craft has the color of space itself.

Well on 7-30-2010 NASA released a photo of the sun that clearly shows a black square on the edge. The black object looks like a black doorway that was opened from behind, or to be more realistic, a large black craft flying near the sun.

In the photo below you can see the detail of one side of the UFO.

Look at the photos as Night vision, Heat Vision are applied. The black craft now has geometrical lines that reveal the shadow-covered bottom of the craft. It is intricate in detail and should be considered a UFO.

Have a look for yourself and don’t just take NASA’s word for it, but instead have a look for yourself and decide.

Source photo: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov//data/REPROCESSING/Completed/2010/eit171/20100730/20100730_1715_eit171_512.jpg

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