Montana UFO sighting shows many ufos in photo, 7-20-2010.

Note: for best quality photo see source address at bottom of this post. UFO and probes are easier to see in original photo.

Note that not only is there a metallic disc visible, but there are also 21 circle probes that were released by this single UFO. If you have ever looked on Youtube and viewed the orb videos seen in clouds, this is similar. Let me describe one video where in Japan a tourist zooms in on a large silver orb in the clouds as it produces small white balls from within it. Each small orb shoots out and seems to have its own mission.

The objects I described in the Youtube videos are a lot like what the person describes in the report about this unique UFO photo, but the person did not report the other smaller orb UFOs in the photo, those were recognized by me, SCW of this blog. I circled the smaller orbs in red so that they would stand out more easily.

Note that digital cameras can see and record beyond the limits of the human eye. Do not doubt this digital technology will one day reveal the truth in such abundance that it can no longer be denied.
Date of Sighting: 2010-07-20
Location of UFO Sighting: Montana, US

My husband had traveled to Ennis Mt. to visit his niece. They were out fishing and took pics,not seeing anything on them until they were put on the PC.

Source photo: http://www.mufoncms.com/files/24915_submitter_file1__000_0003(8)-9.jpg

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