UFO sighting in Columbia of black triangle.

Event Date: 2010-04-28
Event Location: Santa Marta, Columbia

Event Description: "It was a normal day in Taganga (SantaMarta - Colombia)at the beach. I was taking some pictures of my friends and then i realized that there was a white shining around the sun, visible with UV filter lenses as i had on my sunglasses.

So I decided to take some pictures of that using the inner ND filter of my Cannon G11.

Below photo contrast altered.

When i replayed the pics on the visor of the camera i thought i was seeng a damaged pixel con the screen, but i zoomed and i found this triangular shaped "something". It's clearly too high to be a plane and too triangular for any known aircrafts. This picture has a little Photoshop on it, just color and saturation corrections. I've kept the original for future studies if anyone's interested."


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