13 UFOs fly around Volcano in Mexico on Sept 15, 2010, see Photos of UFOSighting.

Location of sighting: Mexico City, Mexico, Volcano
Date of sighting: Sept. 15, 2010

The UFOs were caught on live cam over the volcano Popocatepeti near Mexico City.

This UFO sighting involves over 13 glowing orbs in different colors ranging such as purple, green, red and so on. These objects might easily be dismissed as stars, but how would that account for those stars at the base of the mountain on the ground? Clearly they are not stars.

Many UFOlogist believe that many high mountains and volcanos have doorways to underground bases so that UFOs can come and go. For example, if you google ECETI you will find Mt. Adams in Washington where people flock every night to see the amazing orbs and glowing craft there. Yes, every night. Even Fox TV News went there in 2009 and also saw the glowing object fly above them.

If you want to help the world discover the truth, please keep an eye out on this live web cam, but if you find something, share it on the internet with others please.

The Live Cam at the Volcano:

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