UFO sighting in Washington of silver orb, 9-18-2010, photos.

Location of sighting: Washington State, US
Date of sighting: 9-18-2010

While photographing a vintage car race at Pacific Raceways near Auburn Washington, I heard an airliner climbing after take off from the Seattle airport. I looked up to locate the airliner and decided to take a picture of it.

While taking the photo of the airliner, I noticed a bright spot in the sky. After taking the airliner photo, I tried to find the bright spot. It was gone. I kept looking and saw it reappear. Aimed the camera at the spot and took a picture. The spot did not appear to be moving. Was going to take a second picture but the spot was gone and did not reappear. I thought it was a wayward helium balloon of some sort. The strange thing was once I tried to take another photo of the race, the camera's autofocus no longer worked. I had to turn off the camera and remove/reattach the lens to get things working again. Once I got home and downloaded the photos, I checked this image closely and decided it did not look like a helium balloon. My camera is a professional level Canon with a high quality telephoto lens. Canon 1DMKII with a 70-200 2.8 telephoto and a 2x extender giving a total of 400mm. I have the series of photos showing the airliner, the bright object and the empty sky plus one where the focus failed.


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  1. I saw one just like this (round and silver) in the sky above South Charleston WV around 2001.what do you know about these?

  2. I don't really know much but I recently seen a bright silver look sphere . I looked at closely but it shrunk and disappeared

  3. My friend just seen the same thing today 11-26-2017. Above kent wa. It was much larger looking. Maybe like three times the size of the one in your picture. He also explained that it was there and then suddenly gone. At the time he was taking pictures of 3 planes in a line all with chemtrails. All 3 planes were heading towards the silver object. It looked like something was being blurred out. It looked like a bundle of cubes.


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