Alien abduction woman from Canada steps forward to tell her story, #ufosighting

Corena Saebels, a 54-year-old mom who lives in Kelowna, B.C. believes her family has been subjected to otherworldly experimentation.

For some Canadians, the debate over the existence of UFOs is more than a pop-culture pastime.

It’s up close and personal.

They are part of a worldwide collection of people who believe they’ve been abducted by an alien race.

QMI Agency's Thane Burnett spoke with Corina Saebels, a 54- year- old mom who lives in Kelowna, B.C., and believes her family has been subjected to otherworldly experimentation.

Q - You have two children. What do they think about all this UFO talk?

A - They have both suffered first- hand experiences since early childhood, and still live with some of the after- effects from contact with these beings. They know the reality of what is really going on!

Q - You call yourself an abductee. What does that mean?

A - On a personal level, to be an abductee means that from early childhood, my children and I have been taken many times against our will, and had our bodies, minds and spirits raped.

Q - You live in Kelowna. People don’t often think about abductees in this country. Have you come across others?

A - There are many abductees in Canada. The support group which I held in Kelowna alone, held over 10 people ... from all walks of life.

Q - Can you boil down your experiences into highlights?

A - Sure. For all of us, it began between four and five years of age, then once a teenager the visitations became more frequent, taking DNA material from us. It seems to be going from generation to generation. To this day we still have unwanted visitations.

Q - Any witnesses to what you’ve gone through?

A - Yes, there are many eyewitnesses to what we went through, from friends witnessing a ship over our house and then us missing through the night, to eyewitness reports from strangers given to UFO researchers after an event.

Q - Any medical evidence?

A - We do have some medical evidence of the after- effects, such as photographs of burns on our bodies and marks on the ground after an event.

Q - Are these aliens good or bad?

A - My personal belief is that there are many different species of aliens, and like us humans, there are benevolent ones and also malevolent ones. For us, unfortunately the "Greys" are the ones that have been dealing with us.

Q - Why are the "Greys" so nasty?

A - The "Greys" have no emotions. So they are not affected by how much pain and trauma they deliver. They are like robots who simply come to do their job and then leave.

Q - When did you last have an alien encounter?

A - My last encounter was this last summer. For some reason, these beings seem to have a pattern with when they come back. It is usually in late July and about every three years.

Q - Couldn’t there be a great many explanations for what you’ve gone through, beyond UFOs and aliens?

A - Sure there are and always will be some other explanations for what people sometimes see and experience, but in some cases like ours, there are no other explanations and there is too much proof to think otherwise.

Q - You wrote a book, called The Collectors. How’s that selling?

A - Actually, I never intended to write a book. But after my 2003 experience, I was so paralyzed with fear that I decided to make the fear work for me by turning my diary into a book, hoping to help others like ourselves know that they are not alone and to have courage in coming forward with their own stories. It was not intended to make me rich.

Q - On the site you use to sell the book, the theme from the X- Files plays. Is that an anthem among believers?

A - No, not really. I simply used the X- Files theme because most people relate the song with paranormal subjects.

Q - Do you come across many people who just don’t believe you?

A - To be quite honest, for many years we dealt with disbelief and ridicule, but in the last couple of years or so, we have found individuals becoming believers and being much more supportive. In fact I have been doing presentations in the U.S. and Canada on the subject.

Q - There’s been a lot of news stories lately on UFOs, including a group of U.S. airmen who came forward last month to talk about their UFO experiences. What’s your take on the stories?

A - I think that it is absolutely wonderful that these people are coming forward with what they know. Their courage in sharing their information with the public will help us put the pieces together and finally understand what and who we are dealing with.

Q - What’s your message to people?

A - My one message to people would be: Whether you are an abductee or some official with a story and a piece of the truth, have no fear in coming forward, for it is with knowledge that we will succeed in getting the truth.

Q - What’s your message to any aliens out there?

A - To the benevolent ones I would say: If you know and see what these malevolent ones are doing to us, please, stop them from hurting our children, and help us!

Source: http://is.gd/gwwKx

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  1. please help nobody believes me i am only 11 and i need support.

    1. I'm 11 and want to know what do u mean

    2. What did you see? Did you have a UFO sighting?

    3. I'm 30 and was abducted around age 10. You are alive and well. You need to share your experience.

  2. i have had many experiences of time missing and also an encounter with a creature of some sort.Can anybody help me i am trying to find someone who is in Canada as i am in Edmonton Alberta My experiences started in England but still getting things happening to me.My email is dwhall59@gmail.com thanks David.

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  4. Hi, this is so strange . 11 months ago my 4 children were upstairs playing in their room at about 10 pm . They all flew down the stairs screaming and crying just terrified at what they had appently just seen . Each one of them had described this appent alien ship that looked like the size of a Faris wheel rolling sideways down our alleyway then turned back to the normal way a spaceship looks like but had shrunk a bit n was hovering up near the bedroom window (3 storey home) then they described what this thing inside this ship looked like . They said it had a big head with huge black eyes wearing some sort of a black suit n it sat there and stared at my 11 year old daughter in the eyes then when the kids went to run out of their bedroom to come downstairs to tell me they said the ship had just dropped down towards the ground n was gone by the time I looked outside . It's been 11 months and my children are still completely terrified about this . Please someone help with some answers to what this was n what it wants

  5. hello anyone here?

  6. For those who need help, please join the MUFON CANADA group on Facebook.We can help you through your ordeal.The Greys want the rare DNA for cloning/hybridization.RH negative and other rare blood types.They don't have much feelings.MIB will kill the Greys.This all goes back to Genesis 6 in the Bible.The blood type can go back to the Basques people of Spain.Our DNA is like a library of information.What makes us good, evil and spiritual.I'm a Christian and the Greys and MIB respect that.


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