US Shuts Down New York City Airspace Over Mass UFO Sighting ‘Threat’Oct 13, 2010.

US Shuts Down New York City Airspace Over Mass UFO Sighting ‘Threat’.

A bizarre report prepared by the Federal Aviation Authority of the Russian Federation (FAA) on the “unexpected” closure by the United States of all the airspace over New York City yesterday says it was due to a “UFO flap” and was the cause of flight AB 8357 from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport being delayed for nearly 2 hours from its landing at its expected arrival time of 1700 UTC (1:00PM Local EDT) at John F. Kennedy Airport, that cities largest International airport.

According to American propaganda media reports of this most strange incident occurring in the skies over Chelsea, New York (a neighborhood of Manhattan)“callers began phoning the NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration at 1:30 p.m. with reports of the strange, silver objects high in the sky.”

Video posted on the Internet of this incident further describes a “group of mysterious shiny objects floating high over Manhattan's West Side”, which coincidentally occurred at the same exact time the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) closed all the airspace over New York City, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the CBS News Service:
“The FAA website reported earlier that all three New York airports have halted takoffs and landings due to fumes, smoke and odors at the regional air traffic control center. New York TRACON controls the airspace above John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia Airport. Reported departure delays are about one hour, while arrivals are delayed about 30 to 45 minutes.”
Interesting to note is that New York City joins China in having a major airport closed due to UFO’s this week when two luminous objects appeared in the skies over northwestern Taiyuan in Shanxi Province on October 11th, the second such incident to occur since earlier this month when another airport was closed in Inner Mongoliaafter also being said to have been interfered with by a UFO.
Bringing this incident into even further examination is a Russian Space Forces (VKS) addendum to this FAA report noting that yesterday’s New York City UFO sighting follows by nearly an exact year the mass UFO sighting that occurred in Pelham, New York [photo 2nd left] on October 25, 2009, a distance from Chelsea of barely 67 kilometers (42 miles) of exactly the same type of extraterrestrial crafts.

Source: http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/space/ufo_and_aliens_orbs/news.php?q=1287074956

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