Five Astronauts State on Video That They Have Had A UFO Sightings.

Five Astronauts State on Video That They Have Had A UFO Sightings.

Please Listen to these US Astronauts of NASA. They represent Americas best. How can we not believe them? We grew up wanting to be them. I have to admit, trusting them once they left their government positions skyrocketed. Now that they admit the truth, how long till the US government does the same? Their admittance to the existence of aliens would be the GREATEST SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY, but I digress.

Let’s take a look at these videos and perhaps you will have an opinion on it. If so then please email the WHITE HOUSE asking for UFO Disclosure now. Go here to email Obama and ask him to reveal the truth.


Email NASA at http://www.nasa.gov/centers/hq/about/contact_us.html

Buzz Aldrin Speaks about Apollo 11 UFO Sighting.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper. Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr., one of America's original seven Mercury astronauts, discusses witnessing a fleet of hundreds of ufos, a saucer craft landing in a dry lake bed, and other ufo stories he has heard from eyewitnesses.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell…Did you know he holds the record for longest moon walk of 9 hours? But NASA space suits back then only work for 7 hours with a 30-minute reserve. Was he with aliens those extra hour and a half?

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By Scott C. Waring

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