UFO Sighting over NASA Shuttle Discovery pad on Nov 17, 2010, photos.

Date of sighting: November 17, 2010

Location of sighting: Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA

I was watching a live NASA cam and noticed three orb like white objects around the top area of the space shuttle launch pad.

objects did not seem to move in the video and I am uncertain if it was video or photos that updated every 10-30 seconds. Either way, I saw no change in their positions. I watched, but changed so that all I saw was a close up view of the lower part of the shuttle. The orbs were no longer visible with this new viewing position.

I Googled the shuttle info and found that the shuttles launch was delayed on Nov 3 due to a fuel leak and cracks on the space shuttle Discovery’s external tank. This is suppose to be the Discovery’s last voyage, but am uncertain about this fact. Launch was now set to 30th of November.

Perhaps it is possible that the Discovery was having periodic visits from UFOs and this caused NASA to worry?? Further investigation is needed.

Scott C. Waring

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