Mass UFO Sighting Around Volcano in next to Mexico City, Nov 12, 2010.

Also note: in the daytime, you can see two large alien faces cut into the side of the volcano.

You know me by now, I search the world cams for UFO sightings. This one is very unique in the number of orbs. The objects move positions slowly and sometimes fast. The night cam catches the UFOs much better due to the ability to see into the UV area.

The lowest orb moves around, was in sky.

The regular cam that begins at sunrise is color and the objects are harder to see. If you are lucky you will get some odd orbs that are usually grey but sometimes cloud like in appearance. These orbs do not move with the wind, which you will see the stream of smoke coming from the mouth of the volcano blowing away fast. This volcano cam has bothered me for many months so last night I checked on it again and yes…loads of orbs moving about.

I am watching the day time cam right now as I write this and I saw a diamond like object with an orb below it, but gone now (no screen shot, I am busy typing).

These two clouds disappeared behind volcano, never reapeared.

Please check out this web cam. We need more eyes on it to catch these things. I did make a video a few months ago on it and then saw a few others had done so too. I got an orb again just now and will include it below. (White orb hovering in place, but smoke below is moving rapidly away.)

Live Volcano cam at:


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