NASA Astronaut Tracy Dyson on ISS takes photo with UFO in background.

NASA Astronaut Tracy Dyson on ISS takes photo with UFO in background.

I was surfing the net and went to visit BoingBoing & Gizmodo where I found an short article about the new ISS (International Space Station).

In the photo you can see a relaxed Tracy Caldwell Dysonwatching the spin of the Earth far below. It is truly an amazing view of our world and its great beauty.

In the photo I noticed an anomaly in the far left of the photo. This strange object can be seen penetrating though the upper atmosphere and slightly move into space.

I cropped the UFO and posted it on Gizmode under their article, some of the response were this:

1. Goop on the glass.
2. Vader’s shuttle, going to check out the shield generator. (Personally love this one.)
3. Long space ship.
4. Maybe sprite lighting.
5. Don’t know but Look at original photo, here.

Well, I looked at the original photo and it was so dark you could not see the girl, so I did the same thing Boing Boing did and altered Exposure only. That made this object in the atmosphere stand out even more than at their web site. This object now looked like a long object with a ball at the end. Still, at this point I have no answers, just a NASA photo and a UFO in its background. I guess I will file this away with the other hundreds of such NASA photos I have seen on the Internet over the last decade.

Source: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/11/16/astronaut-watches-th.html
Source photo: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/1011/cupolaview_iss14_big.jpg

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