UFO Sighting in England of Big Grey Disk in Sky, Nov 1, 2010 see photo.

Photo below is from Harrogate, UK sighting.

Date of sighting: November 1, 2010
Location of sighting: North Yorkshire, England

A UFO seen hovering over Rotherham was spotted days later 50 miles away in Harrogate.

Sylvia Horsman saw the craft with three lights moving slowly across the North Yorkshire sky.
The barmaid, 59, said: "I feel sure these are the same lights seen in Rotherham.
"It makes you wonder if someone up there is having a look around Yorkshire."
The gran added: "It was there for 30 minutes."

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3206128/Yorkshire-UFO-spotted-in-Harrogate.html

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