Mass UFO sighting over Japan Volcano in Sakurajima Weather Station on Dec 9, 2010, Video.

Mass UFO sighting over Japan Volcano in Sakurajima Weather Station on Dec 9, 2010, Video.

Sighting Date: December 9, 2010

Sighting Location: Volcano at Sakurajima, Japan

This video was turned in by a person from Japan that worked at a weather station there. He noticed that several glowing objects were suddenly appearing above the volcano in broad daylight.

Notice that three of the cams are focused on the volcano giving us the ultimate view from various angles. These angles rule out optical illusions and prove that the UFOs do exist.

The narrator tries hard to explain the best he can what is happening. He sounds very confused and astounded that this could be happening, but in actuality it happens a lot.

For instance, I (Scott C. Waring) have personally witnessed on over a dozen occasions similar mass UFO orbs flying around a volcano near Mexico City, Mexico. It irritated me so much I made a video of it and it is below. The volcano is called Popocatepetl and if you watch its live web cam you will witness UFO orbs every 10 minutes in the day time but at night these orbs each have a different color and move opposite directions of the clouds. Its live cam is at http://www.cenapred.unam.mx/popo/UltimaImagenVolcanI.html and it renews its photos every 7-10 seconds. Save the screenshots & put them together to see the odd movements of the orbs.

Note: This UFO sighting of mass alien probes or craft could signify a gathering for an important event or a gathering by a mother craft.

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