Alien Face hidden to look like mountains in Canada, Google Earth discovery, UFO sighting news. Badlands Guardian

Giant ALIEN FACE or Indian CHIEF FACE found on Google Earth, in Canada, over 400 meters across, great detail, Millions of years old, UFO Sighting news.

Location of Face: near Medicine Hat, Canada
Description: Alien Royal Prince Face 400+ meters across
Coordinates:  50° 0'38.76"N  110° 6'47.94"W

When looking at Canada using Google Earth (free program) I found an area of land that resembles the shape of a face. Now this is not hills and mountains that formed a face, this is a face that formed the hills and mountains. Look, I SCW made the video so I apologize for its crudeness or lack of intro or music, but I like it plain and simple. The face shows a proud face of a male who looks to be in his late 20s or early 30s. There is a crown like object upon his head or even may be a headdress for a chief, but that would mean the Canadian indians in the area re direct descendants of an alien species. Is this all just coincidence? I think not. Look for these places to confirm is made on purpose by an intelligent species, not necessarily humans.

These objects can be clearly made out of the face:
chin, neck, lips, nose, nostrils, eye, eye lid, forehead, hair or hat line, shoulders, clothing over the shoulders, V shape of neck and chest between robe, tall crown or headdress indicating of royal birth.

This face must have been made hundreds of thousands even millions of years ago, but was it a great race of indians in Canada that made it for the gods to look down upon or was it made by an alien race? If it was made by an alien race, it could have been made millions of years ago, also then it might be the face of a great man from their species, for things like this are only created out of love for the person.

I have found a face like this on Mars several times, and I have found dozens on Mars but only one of them distinctly resembles this face in Canada, above is the Mars photo for you to compare. This unusual face-like surface feature in valley of Libya Montes near equator on Mars, approximately 275 degrees West and 2.66 degrees North. Image released by MSSS on May 22, 2000. To find this feature, it is necessary to turn the original MOC image upside down.

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