Strange UFO Sighting of cone caught in NASA image over moons surface, Apollo 10.

Strange UFO Sighting of cone caught in NASA image over moons surface, Apollo 10.

Location: Moons Surface
Date: May 18 until 26, 1969

While looking over some NASA images in their archives of Apollo 10 moon mission I found these Five interesting photos. Remember the purpose of this mission was to be a "dry run" for the Apollo 11mission, testing all of the procedures and components of a Moon landing without actually landing on the Moon itself.

See the UFO orb on far right?

The first and second photos show the module floating near two UFO orbs that apparently came to investigate them. These photos are labeled "flyby sequence" because they are flying over the moon to investigate future landing spots.

Now two orbs on right.

The third through fifth images shows a UFO that is shaped like an upside-down cone. This giant UFO also seems to have the two orbs flying around it. Notice the orbs position changes in each photo.



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