UFO Sighting over Norway near Airport on March 29, 2011, Photos.

UFO Sighting over Norway near Airport on March 29, 2011, Photos.

Date of sighting: March 29, 2011
Location of sighting: Moss Rygge Airport, 30km from Ostfold, Norway

Around 5 days after the main airport in Norway was closed for 2 hours because of a UFO hovering in 8000 feet. I took this picture on my room. I’m a professional aviation photographer, and had a plan to take pictures of a plane coming in for landing at an airport 30 miles from where I live.

I had a plan to take a picture with long shutter speed so I could get the red stripes from the beacons on the plane across the picture with the stars in background, but another light around 2-3 miles away from me in around 2000-3000 feet of height caught my eyes.

I then forget about the plane and put camera in position and took what I think is a clear proof of a UFO. I was looking at this object for around 2-3 minutes I think, and then it suddenly took off in a speed and climb rate not possible for any aircraft I know about, and I know a lot of aircraft types, because of my work.

The picture is taken from my home address, the small dots you see around on the picture are the stars. Also this gives a good view of the size of this UFO, the area was completely silent.

Source: MUFON

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