UFO sighting at California La Selva beach using military night vision scope, video.

Sighting location: La Selva Beach, California, USA
Sighting Date: April 12, 2011

I love this video because I myself was out with night vision last night but due to the full moon being too bright it made it hard to see.

In this video you see a bright glowing orb. This orb is not flashing like jets do. also when a jet flies through my night vision scope (gen 2 green) it looks like a jet. I can see the outline of the jet, even F-16s. So there is no way this is a jet. What ever this is, it is moving very slow and it is round in shape and does not have standard FAA lights.

Check out this great video. Since these scope are becoming cheaper and bought for less than $200 bucks now, they are falling into the hands of the UFO community. Truth wont be held back forever.

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