UFO sighting at Boracay, Philippines twice in one week along beach, June 5th video.

UFO sighting at Boracay, Philippines twice in one week along beach, June 5 video.

Date of sighitng: June 5, 2011
Location of sighting: Boracay, Philippines

I would like to thank Adrian in the Philippines for sending this report into us. This is an amazing video capture. UFOs are often seen around water areas and it is believed that aliens have bases below the ocean.

Eyewitness states:

"This video is taken from prone position on the beachfront facing South-South-West, with the camera positioned in the sand so that it didnt move. I made a couple of adjustments as the UFO went off screen, but you can see that it isnt totally stationary."

Below is day time shot of the same beach in the video.

"I also took some photos on long exposures (ISO 1200 +) which show multiple lights on the screen due to the exposure length. Colours were mainly blue, green and red individual dots, with a blue, more fuzzy centre."

"It was over the water to the South West of (I now think it was APPROX 4000 metres away based on comparitive photo's I took of 30 ft yachts on the 2km beach at the same zoom as I used length at similar distances). It was two fists high from the horizon at my arms length, I placed it approx 500m high. Lots of people on the busy beach saw it and couldnt explain what it was."

"One guy on the beach said he had seen something similar about 2 weeks ago. I was eating in a restaurant when I first saw it, and the local waitress that was in the restaurant said it had also appeared last night for half an hour, that time due South."

"The lights flashed at different speeds, sometimes about 1 per second, other times much more rapid, at about 5 per second. In the video of the last three minutes the UFO was visable, it mostly stays in frame, but earlier when I was watching it, it straffed straight to the left and straight to the right and then remained in those positions."

"I saw it once again a week later, this time due West from the South of of Boracay Beach. It was much further away, maybe 5km, and it was so faint that it wouldnt show up on my camera when I tried to get a picture."

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