UFO Sighting of orb fleet over Copenhagen, Denmark on July 3, 2011 Awesome video.


Date of sighting: July 3, 2011, Saturday
Location of sighting: Copenhagen, Denmark

It wasn't easy but I tracked down the person who loaded this video, Oleksandr Pshenychnyy and discovered the date and location. He is speaking Russian but he says he filmed this in Copenhagen, Denmark during a storm. Watch the orbs carefully, they seem to rise up and wait for the others to follow. These orbs are often seen over lakes, because below the lakes are entrances into alien bases, or so I have been told. You decide, tell us in the comments what you think they are.

Oleksandr (Alexander) states, "I have filmed it last Saturday from my balcony, right after the crazy storm ended."

Waiting for the storm to end UFO??? from Oleksandr Pshenychnyy on Vimeo.

Source: http://vimeo.com/25925028

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  1. Nice one indeed, and beautiful with the lightning in the background, rare UFO footage from Denmark!

    For more UFOs from Denmark, please check out UFO pictures and photos here: http://ufopicturesphotos.blogspot.com/


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