DARPA Hypersonic Jet Disappeared, Might Be First Warp Capable Craft, UFO Sighting News, video.


Now this is the second disappearance of a DARPA Hypersonic jet we reported on this UFO site. It may be that this hypersonic jet capable of going FASTER THAN MACH 20 may have shot into warp speed in some way. Perhaps by going so fast it created its own worm hole like tunnel disappearing from radar in a flash. Understand the first DARPA jet also disappeared the same way. If you remember Star Trek "First Contact" then you will remember that Zephram Cochrane made the first warp capable craft (looks same as DARPA craft, see video below at 2:04) and that achievement for humanity allowed aliens to make first contact. Well the same thing here with DARPA but the DARPA jet was unmanned and unable to return, therefore no first contact will occur. You see aliens have rules just like we do. If however the DARPA craft carries a human and...returns, then the aliens may introduce themselves to us, raising the level of awareness of humanity. When you ask? At about the end of 2012 they will
have the next DARPA flight. Dec 21 perhaps?

"Pentagon's Hypersonic Plane Goes Missing. A test flight of the Falcon HTV-2, a hypersonic plane capable of reaching speeds roughly 20 times the speed of sound, ended unexpectedly early on Thursday when ground controllers lost contact with the arrowhead-shaped plane less than half an hour after it took to the skies. Launched at 7:45 a.m. Pacific Time from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Santa Barbara, the aircraft soared to the upper reaches of the atmosphere aboard an eight-story Minotaur IV rocket, before being unleashed from its protective cover atop the rocket."

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