UFO Sighting During Hurricane Irene in Long Island, New York, 3 Photos, Aug 28, 2011.

Date of sighting: August 28, 2011
Location of sighting: Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York, USA
Cam is at: http://defeomarina.axiscam.net:8001/view/index.shtml 

Eyewitness states:

"I have a boat moored in Port Jefferson, Long Island. As Hurricane Irene approached NY I found a cctv camera that is about 5 miles from my boat to monitor the storm, flooding, wind..... The camera I was monitoring is at Defeo Marina and can be viewed live at their website. At about 2:30 pm on Sunday I logged into the camera to check the flood conditions. I witnessed a large silver round disc type object in the sky over the flooded bay. I watched it live for a few minutes as it hovered in the same spot rotating around."

"My first thought was that someone might be launching a weather balloon but I soon realized that the object had lines and a structure that didn't look like a balloon. I took 3 screenshots of the live camera view. The 3 screenshots were taken about 10 seconds apart. It appears in the pictures that you can see the craft rotating toward the camera. I spoke to the marina to see if the live cam is recorded but it is not. At the time of this sighting most of the area was evacuated and no planes were flying in or out of New York airports."

Note by SCW: Its good to see others using live cams to catch UFO sightings. There are tens of thousands of cams all free and you can even do it on your cell phone like this person did. Very useful UFOlogy tools that let you be in hundreds of places at once.

Source: MUFON


  1. look at the pixels around the "spaceship" fake

  2. Incredible images. Impressive and stunning photos and video.

    Frank Oddermayer
    Braganca Paulista - Sao Paulo - Brazil

  3. No Defeo Marine comes up in a google search?

  4. It is a real cam. I Googled it and find it here. http://defeomarina.axiscam.net:8001/view/index.shtml

    Lots of UFO Sightings are found using live cams.

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