Comet Elenin Rumors Abundant, Sept 18, 2011 UFO Sighting News.

Notice the two lines formations of eight other massive ships. THIS IS A FLEET!

Did you know what it's name means?  E.L.E.N.I.N. is really an acronym for "Extinction Level Event: Nibiru Is Nigh?"

Although they call Elenin wimpy in size and threat, this early photo of it shows that it is artificial as it was flying with an armada of other similar size craft. Most of these craft are no longer following the comet so closely and where the UFOs behind it went nobody knows. Watch this recent news video about the comet, which poses no threat to us, but may be an artificially constructed craft by aliens to explore. The real question is…will they stop for a visit?

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  1. Leonid Elenin. Definition of leonid is n., pl., Le·o·nids, or Le·on·i·des (le-on'i-dez').
    One of the falling stars of the meteor shower recurring annually in mid-November.
    Elenin maybe November ninth or the eleventh.


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