Elvis cloud formation in Spain leaves fans all shook up, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 2011
Location of sighting: Spain

I also saw this on Taiwan news about the same Spain cloud, so I am including the other photo of the same cloud. Perhaps aliens who's ships hide or make these clouds made this Elvis tribute to remind us that Elvis was never one of us in the first place. Beautiful tribute to the king! Thanks aliens. 

The cloud cluster bears an uncanny resemblance to the King – complete with his trademark quiff.Marta Gerique, 19, who took the shot in Valencia, Spain, said: “It’s fantastic because I’m a huge Elvis fan. It’s such a rare cloud shape.”

MIB movie quote:
Jay: "You do know Elvis is dead right?"
Kay: "No Elvis is not dead. He just went home."

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/09/07/elvis-cloud-formation-in-spain-leaves-fans-all-shook-up-pic-115875-23401626/


  1. No visible UFO here, however it is a well known fact that UFOs can cloak themselves fully in less than 1 minutes. The Fort Belvoir documents & photos show this to be 100% true, Virginia UFO incident on Sept of 1957 was when the US military photographed a UFO ring coming out of a cloud and going back in. This is when the US Gov stated in documents that Alien craft do hide in clouds.

  2. I saw an UFO on September 13 2011 around 18.30h (NL) flying over Amsterdam.


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