The Solar Obliteration Technique An Affordable Way of Seeing UFO's, UFO Sighting News.

Thanks to an earlier post, I became aware of a method for photographing UFOs with any normal camera, anywhere there is sky. This method is called the Solar Obliteration Technique. Just put your camera on a tripod (to keep it steady) and point it at the suns outer edges but not at the sun. The sun itself should be blocked by an over hanging object like a roof or tree. Then after recording the video review it on your computer and pause it often or put into slow motion to see if you caught a UFO. This is a very affordable UFO hunting technique and I myself have mentioned similar experience with the sun but during sunset when the suns rays bend a different direction right before it sets.

The person in the video below is a Michigan resident, "John Bro" Wilkie is a ex-military propulsion technician -- with extended experience in the sighting and documentation of UFOs. He is also the original author of 'Solar Obliteration' - and for this, has appeared on multiple television and radio segments including Coast To Coast AM-- for over a decade now. A longtime member of the Screen Actors Guild, 'John Bro' has also portrayed space aliens on several network Sci-Fi television shows -- including 'Star Trek: Voyager' and 'SPACE: Above and Beyond.' Visit John's websites: http://www.Johnbro.com andhttp://www.skymonsters.com.

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