Spokane, Washington UFO Glowing over city, September 1, 2011, UFO Sighting Video.

(SCW: Similar glowing orbs have been seen around the world just like this one. I myself have recorded this twice here in Taiwan. The defining detail that assures me this is the same is that there are tiny orbs orbiting this glowing orb, but the tiny orbs rotate around it at incredible speeds, but can be seen when put into slow motion or using night vision or UV filters.)

Date of sighting: September 1, 2011
Location of sighting: Spokane, Washington, USA

Eyewitness states:
"This is the best video of this UFO I have made so far. My tripod I ordered has not yet arrived, so I have a foundation built up of books and etc to rest the my hands and the camera on to keep it steady. The sound noise from the street below my 19th floor makes my voice hard to understand so I have not done audio. I am still learning the operation of this camera and I am sure things will get to a better quality."

"This object looks manufactured rather than natural and there seems to be two black spots, possible openings on the left. If you stop this video at certain spots things become more clear. The sparkling around this oject look to me like flashes of smaller UFO's that may enter through some of these openings. The flashes are probably similar to the sun flashing from a mirror, otherwise the UFO's are probably to small to be seen."

"It appears to me that this object is operating for the purpose of some operation viewing earth. I understand the satelites are about 22,000 miles from earth, so I would suspect that this might be about the same distance. That makes me wonder how large this object may be, maybe many, many miles in diameter."

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