Odd Lights In Sky Over Pleasanton, California, Oct 10, 2011, UFO Sighting News.

The above photo I enhanced the exposure (added light) to better see the rainbow orbs.

Date of sighting: October 10, 2011
Location of sighting: Pleasanton, California, USA

"At 12:30, just before going to bed, I was peering at the night sky over Pleasanton. The moon was near full size and the sky was partially clear of clouds making a spectacular scene. I noticed a bright light vertically above me. This light was way brighter than all other stars in the sky. At first I thought it was a plane flying over and disregarded it. I also seemed to see 3 lights in a row. But as I continued to look at this I noticed that this object was not moving, its lights were not flickering. I immediately picked up my camera with the 250 mm zoom lens and focussed upward and began to click. One of my first pics showed 3 blurry lines. The light looked like a line because I shook the camera- dragging the light to appear like a line. It still did not make sense that I had 3 lines in the same pattern. I have attached the picture below. Then I went out to my patio and began clicking pictures. All the pictures I clicked looked like one bright light except one picture where you could clearly see a 3 light pattern with blue lights on the sides. Further I also shot a long exposure picture - all the stars in the sky made much thinner trails but this object made a thick trail- indicating a much brighter source. I'm not at any point claiming this is a UFO- but I'd like to know what i saw. I then proceeded to get my 10x50 mm Nikon binoculars and I could see a 5 prong pattern on this object. This object stayed at the same spot for 2 hours. At around 2:30- the clouds began to cover the object and it dimmed out."

Source: MUFON
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  1. I saw something very similar tonight and I am in Castro Valley. Someone from Los Gatos has reported to to MUFON already.

  2. I saw something like this on the evening of February 1, at about 11:30 PM. It was over the Dublin/Castro Valley area in the Southeast sky. Large and very stationary. It stayed in place for over hour until I got tired of looking at it. Through some quality field glasses I could see that it was "beetle" shaped with 3 large lights at what would be the front or the"head", with smaller lights around the edges. It yawed slowly from side to side but again, remained stationary.

    I've always been skeptical re: UFO's but I consider that to be my first UFO sighting. It wasn't a star, derigible or aircraft.

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  4. I am seeing the same type of object in the sky. Im in Livermore. Ive seen it now for the last 4 days. Same place in the sky. Same description as above.

  5. I am seeing the same type of object in the sky. Im in Livermore. Ive seen it now for the last 4 days. Same place in the sky. Same description as above.

  6. It is back. We live in San Rafael, CA and I just recorded a video and took pictures of the EXACT same thing. It moves, but VERY slowly, in diagonal, from bottom left to top right. I observed it for over 1 hour and 40 minutes, two nights ago. I noticed it around 3:30am and filmed it until 5:10am, before it got behind the corner of our house, so yeah, it moved, but at very slow pace. I zoomed in the video and it shows an interesting "flying" pattern, with very subtle "wobble", side to side, up and down, again, VERY subtle. So, to the naked eye (using my binoculars) it looked completely still, but the video revealed otherwise.
    Did anyone else noticed this in the sky lately? Very curious about what this might be, especially with so many people saying they saw the exact same thing.
    Another military program perhaps? A drone?
    I'm sure it's not: an airplane, a helicopter, a star/planet/meteor. It could be: some kind of balloon or a drone. Definitely man(?) made in my opinion, not natural phenomena at all.

  7. I saw this bright white line in the sky awhile ago and I called my cousin to make sure that I wasn't the only one seeing it. It's 5:15 pm here in the Philippines, the sun still up but you can see that thing in the sky because it is so bright.

  8. I saw the exact same thing last night (Feb 17, 2016) at around 0230 hours over Clermont, FL, USA. I took pictures and made a video of it. At first it moved. Then it stopped right above us and did not move again. The lights were in the same pattern as the colorful picture above. I would like to know what it is.

  9. Nothin' but more blurry lights and shaky angles. Better luck next time. Movin' on...

  10. I seen one that hAd 3-dots inside a rectangular shape with 3 light grey lines moving slow with no noise.

  11. I just saw this in Nacogdoches TX heading out Highway 21 west toward alto Texas --- at first it was far off in the distance and I thought it was odd because we don't have any tall bright pole lights out that way --- but then I turned onto my county road toward home and saw that they had come nearer and lower in the sky over the cattle fields near my home. I eventually stopped as they appear again lower and closer. I could not make out what they were attached to, but they seemed to be getting closer to me, so I stopped to take a picture with my phone, but suddenly wouldn't work (which was odd). So I turned it off, and the lights passed over me several hundred feet in the air. I couldn't ever tell what they were part of, but I guess a drone --- I was pretty shook up, and still an --- this happened about an hour ago. My dad said that our dogs were going crazy about the time I was seeing that in the sky.


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