Cloaked UFO Mothership Over Mountain Sits For many hours, Jan 2012 VIDEO!!!

Date of sighting: January 2012
Location of sighting: Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand

I love this video, it captures the UFO mothership just sitting there while the wind is blowing at high speed, notice all the other clouds around it blowing away, but not this one...because its not a cloud. This person recently posted this video of a UFO cloaked in a cloud hovering over Mt. Cook in New Zealand. The entrances to underground alien base are placed in locations where humans are very rare to visit, like a volcano mouth or tall mountain, even the ocean floor. Yes this is a UFO, how do you think they move their massive ships when so close to the ground? They usually use a cloud cloak because it works. If you have more questions about cloaked UFOs in clouds take a look at this second video where a US Army officer photographed a ring UFO in the process of making its cloak. Yeah...its 100% legit, I did a lot of research on the 1957 Fort Belvoir UFO incident. SCW

Fort Belvoir 1957 video below.

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