Close Up UFO Footage Over Windsor, Ontario On Jan 29, 2012, video News.

Date of sighting: January 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Eyewitness states:
1. I was in my sunroom.
2. I noticed these objects around 6:40 to 10:30 pm at night.
3. These objects slowly hover above the city, not following the sidereal path of the stars.
4. These objects flicker and change shape, but amazingly, no one takes a look above them in Windsor to notice.
5. No feelings except curiosity.
6. These objects disappear around 10:30 at night, but sometimes show up again in the morning.



  1. I have also witnessed UFO's and other anomalies in this area.Open eyes and minds are all you need to witness these yourself.

  2. I have seen some UFO's in this same area over the past few years and other anomalies as well. With open eyes and open minds, there is plenty to be seen and much more to come, as I know they (the ET beings ) want us to look for them and be interested and the more we are the more they will come. Interest seems to attract them.Law of attraction in action .


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