Tulsa, Oklahoma UFO Glowing Green On Video. May 2011, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 2011
Location of sighting: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Usually I don't post older UFO sightings but this one is special and its was found by a UFO research who is a bit famous in the UFO community. Her nick name is Sheilaaliens and she stated "I stumbled upon this interesting little clip by chance! I'm almost certain it's not been uploaded to youtube until now." Look at this strange green glowing UFO. Many people have offered the idea that many lighting storms were actually caused by UFOs. That may be and this video seems to confirm that theory. This UFO is one of the most beautiful with its neon green. Some may offer to say its a green laser, but I have 3 100mw green lasers and they are not capable of sending out a broken beam and at such a slow speed. The object is going slower than the speed of light or we might not have seen it. Incredible sight. SCW

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  1. I have seen this also. Same kinda storm cloud same kind of green orb. However the orb i saw scanned my eye with a multi colored light. It is real. Great upload

  2. a fem months ago I saw a green cylinder in the clouds like this ... no sound. It disapeared in the clouds seconds later.


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