UFO Orbs Seen Over Oroville, California During Sunset On Feb 13, 2012 Caught On Video.

Date of sighting: February 13, 2012
Location of sighting: Oroville, California, USA

In California last week someone caught several glowing orbs over the city passing in front of the clouds right at the end of sunset. These are not stars or the moon. The area the orbs are coming from is a vast area of protected forest with no homes. Having gone to school there in elementary school, I know the hills well. I do believe it is the sunset that is causing the UFOs to become visible, because if an object is cloaked then it only bends the light 180 degrees to make it look like its invisible, however if the sun is on the UFOs right or left, this means that one side of the shield will have to over compensate from 180 degrees to 270 which is too much for most orbs to handle. This reveals them during sunset…which by the way, is the time when you have the best chance to see UFOs. SCW

If you recorded a UFO sighting please upload it to YouTube and put the date and location in the title, but note; you must put the words "UFO Sighting," into it's title so it can be easily found by UFO researchers.


  1. Awesome I recorded this video it's mine! I keep finding random websites that have it haha..well cool.

    1. You did great work at keeping the camera steady. I wish all UFO videos were recorded this way. I loved it, I just wish I could catch one on video like this during a sunset, but I'm always working during this hours.


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