UFO Over Edmonton, Canada With Rainbow Colors, Feb 2012 News Video.

Date of sighting: February 2012
Location of sighting: Edmonton, Canada

Eyewitness states: "No idea what this is, there's been three of them that do this every night, though tonight only one. This was taken using a sky-watcher telescope and using a Sony DSC-N1 camera. Telescope collimation is best I could/can get it, not quite perfect."


  1. Saw this 2005 Gloucester NSW, lasted 15 mind. Two witnesses. Under Infra red night scope a truly massive disc attached. Several km wide.

  2. Ive seen those types of UFO's hi in the atmosphere over the ocean in Santa Monica, & there radiantly beautifull imo, its if its if its holding you there in awe & wonderment when viewing these type as if watching a GLOWING CRYSTAL of warm to the cranium streaming info thats being flowed to you it seems to me now as i thk back.


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