There UFO Orbs Caught In Chemtrails Over Lyon, France, Photos March 2012 News.

Date of sighting: March 2012
Location of sighting: Lyon, France

Eyewitness states: "Some enigmatic photos I took during a sunset, I didn't realize there was UFOs, till my brother and me said in the same time "look here, there's something..." We zoomed, and realized that 3 photos of my 14 photos were haunted by UFOs & orbs. They were probably checking the clouds and Chemtrails, and the second photo is unbelievable. 3 UFOs flying over a big Chemtrail, and SHADOWS on the Chemtrail !! I don't understand. Lights or material objects?! I think they are MATERIAL objects, a light do not create a shadow! Galactic Federation of Lights?"

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