Odd Structures and spacecraft on the moons surface in NASA Moon Photo.

Date of sighting: May 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's Moon

While looking over some moon photos, I found one with several odd features. One had a UFO, another had a tower or two. The proof is there if you go to the source photo, all these are from the same NASA photo. SCW

Source: http://ser.sese.asu.edu/LO/lo5-125-h2a.tif
Credit: NASA

Above is a black pyramid on the moons surface. 


  1. HI Scott! Are those pics from the dark side of the moon? O.o

    1. Yes it is. It is at LAT: 17.3, °. LON: 26.3, °. ALT: 113.1 and the photo are is 220.1 km across.

  2. Ok thanks! If i find something ill let u know. Keep up the good work! :)


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