Cloud Orb UFOs Over Los Angeles On June 2012, 13 min Video.

Date of sighting: June 3, 2012
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA

Alright, this video looked like a bogus one but I soon realized that he person taking the video really had not used this camera much and had little experience using its zoom. Also the fact that it was so bright that his eyes were not able to adjust to the tiny view finder. In the video we do see several white orbs flying around. This is the same location of LA that was seen last week, because I see a hotel sign that is the same. These are cloud orbs. Jump to 3:00 into the video to see the orbs, none will be seen before that. Also the screenshot of the two white orbs is at 9:17, but it was a split second flash so to see it you must pause and start the video really fast at that location. This is a legit sighting. I love the length of the video. Best in Full Screen Mode! SCW

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