UFO Orbs Glowing Over England On June 2012, VIDEO.

Location of Sighting: St Ives Cambridgeshire
Date of Sighting: 26th June 2012
Time: 23.40
Witness Name: Stephen F.
Witness Statement: I went into the back garden at 11.30pm for a smoke, when a bright orange object caught my eye passing over a house. About a minute later another came into view following the same heading, speed and altitude as the first. Itwas a bright orange globe, like a naked flame without the flicker. I would hazard a guess that it was approx half a mile away, and the first thing that struck me was that it was completely silent- a jet or prop would make some descernable noise! There were no navllights and the light emitted did not change regardless of viewing angle. There was no airframe that I could see.
I watched about ten of these objects pass at about a minute each, all again on the same heading, speed, altitude etc.... very strange!!
I know my aircraft and they were not like anything I\'ve seen before. No waya Chinese lantern (used to make them as kids) as the ground windspeed was approx 5mph, and I would estimate these were travelling in excess of 200mph given my approx distance and time to travel across the sky. No way meteors as the altitude did not decay and they passed with uncanny regularity.
I tried my best to take a video from my phone- very poor quality, out of focus with no zoom!. For those that are interested the bright light at the bottom center of the vid is a neighbours kitchen light, and you can just make out the orange object passing above from left to right.

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